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Keiynan Lonsdale - Rainbow Dragon (Official Music Video)

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Song Credits -
Produced by: Louis Futon
Written by: Keiynan Lonsdale
Mixed by: Jacob Weinstein

Music Video Credits -
Director: Chris Coats
Executive Producer: Keiynan Lonsdale
Producer: Chris Coats & Gannon Smith
Concept: Keiynan Lonsdale & Dylan Mahoney

Director of Photography: Drew Bienemann
2nd Director of Photography: Leah Barylsky
AC: Paolo Arriola
Steadicam: Alvin Octoman
Key Grip: Henry Martinez
Gaffer: Juan Smith
Swing: David Nakamura

Editor: Keiynan Lonsdale
Assistant Editor: Dylan Mahoney, Chris Coats
Colourist: Kyle Krupinski

Grooming: Nathaniel Dezan
Styling: Katie Qian
Art Director: Ves Phillipi
Choreographer: Tony Tzar
Dance Assistant: Renee Ritchie
Model: Deondrick Hinton
Dancer: Denny Junior
Dancer: Thomas White

Cimo Frankel
Axel Mansoor
Derek Fallon
Renee Ritchie
Elias Wynshaw
Nathaniel Dezan

Production Assistants:
Elias Wynshaw
Oliver Edwin

Felix Haas
Keno Peer

Nick Guarino (4th Level Group)

'Rainbow Dragon' Lyrics:
Oh honey what is you doin?
Mm mm mm

Verse 1:
Let’s talk about it cause this shits awkward as hell
You been straight trippin won’t look inside of yourself
And my heart is racing a million miles cause why?
Lookin so foolish when your powers running out
So speak the truth before the people tear it out
Oh my heart is racing a million miles cause why?


Cause you keep fucking up my earth on repeat
We tired of the lies and deceit
And I’m tryna get yo ass out the sleep

But damn I can’t front
Your open mind
Ain’t opened right
Cause you still fight
What have we done
This worlds on fire
But your desires
Make you think it’s fine
Ain’t got no time
No time to lie
We got to shine
Cause we’re losing light
And I’m the sun
Who opens minds
That open right
To live this life, life, life, life

Post Chorus:
What the fuck is he doin?
He’s tryna make music?
Wasn’t he on that TV show?
I don’t know, I dunno who the fuck he is.

Verse 2 / Rap:
Oh damn, well honestly
TV’s cool but a bore
Left it in a dash (yah)
Had it all, wanted more
Took it to the max (yah)
All them bullies made me strong
While they talking trash
Now I’m God & I show em how to make it clap

I realised I could eat some ass if I wanted to
I could smoke some grass if I wanted to
I could quit the Flash if i wanted to
Anything & everything is up to you
And that’s the truth but you be making up that it’s impossible cause you’ll be so uncomfortable but that’s okay cause you didn’t know but now you know so

Hurry the fuck up
Wake up bitch
Wake the fuck up
And If you got a problem go and fix it grow the fuck up
And I ain’t being harsh I’m being real don’t mix my words up
See life is just a game but you won’t play it til you know what’s up

If I can slay, you can slay too bitch
If I can rise, you can rise too bitch
Don’t need no excuses no more (x2)
Cause if I can slay, you can slay too bitch
If I can rise, you can rise too bitch
Don’t want yo excuses no more
No don’t want your, no don’t want your..

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